Connecting the virtual-world and the physical world together

There is ever increasing proof that the virtual world and the physical world are merging and OrsenTechnology is the partner that can help your business to equally bridge the gap. As an example OrsenTechnology connects front-side websites all the way to physical hardware, giving true meaning to the internet of things. The possibilities are up to your imagination, Orsen can build the technology.

And to give your imagination a hint: "The killer app of the Internet of Things isn’t a thing at all—it is services", The Wall Street Journal, 21 aug 2016

Unlike the bulk of IT companies that claim "they build IoT solutions" but in reality aren't capable of doing a lot more than building the front-end dashboard OrsenTechnology is capable of delivering on projects from hardware development of the sensor-nodes, the Lora and Sigfox wireless part, even home brewing antenna's if needed, the embedded software part, etc all the way up to the dashboard front-end. Even so, OrsenTechnology has no problem leaving this front-end dashboard part to a third party...

In short:: are you the typical ICT company with no hardware nor embedded experience but who would like get a slice of the IoT-cake anyway ? Time to talk to OrsenTechnology.