Linux & Open Source in the Office

One of the objectives of OrsenTechnology is to help companies who want an alternative for the typical paid office software replace their old software with Linux and Open-Source applications.

There are many reasons why this is a good choice. Not only are many open source applications completely free ( as in free beer ) they are also very high quality. But next to the financial benefits, many open source applications are also free-software (free as in freedom). This means no more vendor lock-in and the ability to modify the software to fit your own needs.

On the website you can check if the applications you're using in your office environment are also available for Linux or better if a free alternative is available. One should not read the results of this website in a denying way, if you don't find an alternative it would be to early to conclude that there isn't any. However you'll be surprised to see for how many you will find an alternative right away. Finding the linux equivalents that work for you is something OrsenTechnology can help you with, as well as with creating a migration plan, and executing the implementations.

As an extra remark to convince you take this step, thanks to Linux and open software your existing hardware can preform up to 30% better simply by quitting paid proprietary software,
thus not only saving on software purchases but also using your hardware longer and not having to buy new computers just because yet an other new version software is running ridiculously slow on your existing hardware...