OrsenTechnology is offering a range of training courses on the following subjects:

- Linux on the Desktop: linux training course for beginners and/or non technical people who are looking to use Linux as their main operating system.

- LibreOffice Writer: Course on how to use the word-processor of the LibreOffice suite, the perfect and free alternative that is 100% Microsoft compatible.
- LibreOffice Calc: Course on how to use the spreadsheet application of the LibreOffice suite
- LibreOffice Impress: Course on how to make great presentations with the LibreOffice suite

- Running a linux webserver: Today you can rent a virtual server at a very attractive price, this course helps run your own webserver

- Drupal7 beginners: Course on how to build websites using this CMS or Content Management System
- Drupal7 intermediate: A more advanced take on running drupal and building more complex sites
- Drupal7 advanced: Here we take a look under the hood of Drupal and how to build your own modules. Prerequisite is knowledge of PHP and Drupal7

- PHP course: Here you'll learn how to program in PHP so you'll become able to enter the Drupal7 advanced course

- MikroTik Certification Courses: check our training at